What We Do…..

Here at 4th Dimension Printing Ltd, we’re passionate about creativity, and bringing imagination to life. Whether you’re a business looking for a supplier of small quantity production runs or prototypes, a creator or hobbyist looking for a manufacturer to provide one-offs, or any combination of the above, we will do our best to help.

We currently provide the following services :-

3D Printing – we are able to fulfil your requirements using FDM (fused deposition modelling) and DLP (digital light processing) techniques. It all depends upon the size of your components, and the quality required.

FDM uses a spool of plastic, we can print in PLA, Pet-G, ABS, Wood Effect, Marble Effect…and many more, and builds up the model layer by layer by melting the plastic. This can create strong, accurate models with ease.

DLP uses a masking panel and UV light with a resin bath, in order to build up the model layer by layer, using a photopolymer resin. This has greater detail and accuracy than FDM, but requires messier post processing – but let us worry about that!

Laser Engraving

We are able to use 3500mW, 7W, and 20W laser systems in order to process your designs. Our equipment can engrave onto leather, wood, cardboard, some plastics, and some metals. If required, we are also able to laser cut thin sheet wood and cardboard for the production of stencils, jigsaws, and more. We can etch your company logo onto your phone case, engrave your intials onto dog tags, etch your photos onto coasters – let your imagination run wild.


If you require our services, you can either provide us with your own 3D files to print, .dxf files to engrave, or masters to mould, or, alternatively, we can design your requirements for you using the latest CAD software.

At 4th Dimension Printing, we like to consider ourselves as a total concept company, providing solutions for your needs. We are continually expanding our portfolio of equipment and processes. We also pride ourselves on an honest and transparent service.