The story so far…..

At 4th Dimension Printing, we are proud to be service, rather than product, driven. We are able to react to changes in market climate rapidly, and, due to our relatively small size, and low overheads, we don’t have to pass on hefty costs to you, the customer. We serve a varied range of customers, from large multi-national corporations, to home consumers.

Some of our work so far has included :-

  • Components for a fleet of machines operated by a large European based tech firm
  • Replicas for Historical re-enactment groups
  • Props for theatrical groups
  • Replacement vintage hi-fi parts for consumers
  • Replacement cycle parts for leisure consumers
  • Gift items for sportspersons
  • Souvenirs for the travel and tourism industry
  • Equipment for the retail industry

There really is no limit to the scope of production, so please, if you have a requirement, contact us.