3D Print Gallery (continued….)

At 4th Dimension, we print using FDM and DLP technologies. Both offer differing levels of quality, speed, and process type.


We use Prusa I3/Mk3S printers due to their speed, reliability and flexibility. These printers have a build volume of 220x220x250mm, and are capable of producing prints consisting of, but not limited to, PLA, Pet-G, ABS, ASA, PVA, and many others.

We can either print your own custom stl/obj/amf formats, or we can design and print to your requirements. We also have MMU2S capability (multi-materical / multi-colour) using Prusa’s own add on modules.

A Prusa printer in mid-flow


We are also able to utilise our complement of DLP resin printers to fulfil your needs. DLP, or ‘Digital Light Panel’ printers use a ‘wet process’ in order to create highly accurate models. A bath of photopolymer resin sits above a UV light panel, and the model is created as the panel ‘develops’ and hardens the resin layer by layer. This then requires further chemical washing and UV curing, but results in a high quality model. Ideal for game pieces, accurate components, and transparent items. Our Elegoo Mars and Prusa SL1 systems use MSLA technology for high quality results. We also utilise a Prusa CW1 wash and cure station for fast, consistent results.